Sally Harby

Regional Sales Manager, Enterprise Zscaler

One of the CEOs I worked for, told me few years back “You were born to be a sales leader, you transform the bleakest results into future opportunities”.

“People work for people” and also “People buy from people”.
Everything is about relationships, one cannot be fruitful by oneself, in business, at home, in life. You are no more than the relationships you surround yourself with.
Building genuine relationships, throughout the last 12 years as a sales leader, gave me the opportunity to
develop high-performing teams, to implement data-driven strategies, which not only did they lead to increased revenue for my clients and the companies I worked for, but also to greater customer business success and satisfaction.

Highly energetic, motivated, consistent and result oriented.
Outstanding communication and leadership.
Forward-thinking with great attention to detail.

Pioneer/ Provider/ Trailblazer/ Personal/ Persistent/ Permanent
*I love trying new things and coming up with brilliant ideas
**I like to tackle new territories. If they’ve never been done before, I am at my best
***I am the go-to person for “What’s next?”