Dear Executive,

Thank you for your interest to participate as a keynote speaker in GEC Media group’s BTX Road Show 2022.
It is important to realize that while advances in technology are enabling the adoption of more efficient digital platforms inside the organization, there are always two sides to the adoption process. The first is the implementation and integration of digital platforms and technologies into the organization by the IT department.

The second is the usage of the digital platforms and technologies by business and other end users, with the challenges of change management and benefits of improved productivity, efficiency, improved customer experience and customer satisfaction.

BTX Road Show 2022 is targeted towards the second aspect of technology adoption, and includes senior executives, business decision makers, end users, who are challenged with the adoption of new and innovative technologies to improve organizational processes, efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

BTX Road Show 2022 invites participation from thought leaders, mentors, path breakers, champions, specialists, experts, to share their stories and collaborate on the stage during this three-city road show.
Themes include:


Guidelines for speaker presentation

The time duration is 15 minutes for the presentation, including answering 1-2 question at the end.
The presentation needs to be focussed on the topic with the objective of presenting high value thought leadership, disruptive thinking, out of the box directions, and audience engagement.

Invitation to speak is not a platform for commercial and sales pitch of products and services, whether for a manufacturer, vendor, consultant, institution, or enterprise.

Typical slides can include:

  • Industry overview
  • Business challenges for industry
  • Business challenges for organizations
  • Disruption introduced
  • Transformation solution adopted
  • Change management and adoption road map
  • Internal gains, improvements, productivity
  • External gains, improvements,
  • Longer term vision

For further inquiries:

Jennefer, GEC Media Group | jennefer@gecmediagroup.com