Mukta Arora

Founder & CEO, Gleeo Health

Devoted to fostering digital innovation by the confluence of – Futurism, Modern Technology & Social Media to improve Healthcare Delivery & Education.

An established global strategic and creative thought leader with a vibrant and insightful perspective on the future of healthcare. “My focus is on guiding startups, corporates, NGOs, and governments on design, strategy, and application of health technology”.

An array of professional experience in digital healthcare transformation, and a background in payer, provider, policy, pharma, and patient advocacy enables me to integrate ideas in the application of health technologies like Remote Patient Platforms, Mobile Health, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Extended Reality, IoT & Wearables to provide medical/therapeutic care, in new paradigms for better patient care. I think “the future potential of technology in Healthcare and Medical Education is limited only by our imagination”.